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Legal Update December 5, 2015

JAC and the Jamul Community Church’s Federal lawsuit for the appeal for an injunction to stop the illegal construction of the casino in Jamul will be heard Monday, December 7th at 9:30 am.

This hearing is extremely important. Three appeals court judges have been assigned to hear the arguments for the injunction. The hearing will take place in San Francisco. The three-judge panel will hear oral arguments. They have just notified Patrick Webb that he may also speak after filing an amicus brief on Karen Toggery and Walter Rosales’ behalf.

JAC and the Jamul Community Church are represented by Ken Williams. Mr. Williams has over 35 years of experience in litigating a variety of lawsuits in the State and also with the Federal government. His expertise is in Indian law, the compact for gaming in the State and environmental law.

This is not the lawsuit that was initially filed challenging the legitimacy of the Jamul Indian Village, its failure to be recognized as a tribe in 1934 and the eligibility to have gaming. That suit is still pending at the Federal court in Sacramento.

Mr. Williams, after visiting Jamul and observing the illegal building and the rapid push to construct and open a casino prior to any court rulings, took action to force an injunction to stop the construction. The trial judge did not take action and Mr. Williams has filed an emergency injunction appeal. He filed originally last January and is just now getting the hearing. Any decision may take up to 90 days following the hearing.

Mr. Williams has put many, many hours and effort on our behalf because he believes in the law and justice. Mr. Webb has spent untold hours seeking justice for Karen Toggery and Walter Rosales. JAC wishes them success in this challenging endeavor in our community’s behalf.

We may be able to listen live to the hearing:

There may be live streaming of the oral argument on Monday Dec 7 at 9:30 a.m. There aren’t any listed for today, but here’s the website and the notice is prominently on the first page of the website for those who want to follow along live. Even if they don’t stream it live, the argument should be available within 24 hours at this website also.


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