Jamul Action Committee
Jamul Action Committee Jamul Action Committee

About the Jamul Action Committee

The Jamul Action Committee (JAC) began late in the 1980’s with a group of dedicated neighbors united in opposition to a proposed quarry operation. Since that time JAC has served to educate and advocate for preserving and improving the quality of life in Jamul. While serving the same community as the Jamul/Dulzura Planning Group, JAC should not be confused with that group. They are an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors. We are advocates and educators with far greater latitude and discretion with regard to the issues we may address.

Members of the planning group are advisors to the administrators of the County of San Diego.

They are not empowered by ordinance or policy to render decisions on behalf of the County of San Diego or its appointed or elected officials.

They are given the opportunity to advise and assist the County of San Diego officials on matters of planning and land use affecting our area. The purview of the planning group is limited to community issues related to planning or land use.

JAC remains committed to the following mission statement:

“The mission of the Jamul Action Committee is to advocate for the preservation and improvement of the quality of life for all who live, work, and recreate in Jamul.”

JAC has represented your interests in land use issues, opposed the placement of a high risk sex offender on Millar Ranch Rd., created opportunity for students to be involved in community service, and most recently spoken on behalf of those residents concerned over potential closure of public areas like the National Wildlife Refuge in our area.

JAC is comprised of your neighbors and is managed by an all-volunteer board of directors. There are no paid staff members in the organization. However, we’ve incurred substantial debt in the continuing legal battle over the proposed casino. Legal representation and research on behalf of our community is the single largest expense JAC has incurred. Your support in retiring those debts is greatly appreciated!!!