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Legal Update July 4, 2015

JAC v. Stevens (Ninth Circuit No.1516021) - On Monday, JAC Attorney, Ken Williams, filed an urgent motion for injunction pending appeal that would’ve halted the construction until we are heard in court. Unfortunately, the next day the Court denied our motion in a one page Order.

The two-judge motions panel did not decide the merits of our argument. Instead they basically deferred the issues until the after the remaining briefs are filed later this month.

We’ve known all along this was a possibility because our case is on an expedited schedule. They will have to decide the same issues and merits presented by our motion later this month or next month. It is understandable (albeit disappointing) that they did not want to preempt their own review.

The Defendants’ answering briefs are due on July 14 and our reply will be due on or before July 28. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, KEEP THE FAITH and STAND UNITED!!!

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