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Legal Update February 9, 2018

Current news on the horizon; JAC continues to appeal the partially adverse ABC decision from last year. Unfortunately no briefing date for the appeal has been set as of today!

You may have seen the recent article in The San Diego Reader “The casino’s been built — Jamul is still fighting it.”

The article keeps repeating that the JIV is a “federally recognized tribe” - as though by saying it over and over again it will become truth. Simple repetition will NOT make it true! I believe that part of the story is based on misinformation provided by JIV and its lawyers.

Our “Appellant’s Opening Brief before the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit” outlines the history of the of JIV and the fact that the BIA has consistently confirmed that the JIV has never been a “federally recognized tribe.”

The article also claims that the reservation is 6 acres which may be an indication that they intend to claim that a portion of the Daisy Parcel is part of the alleged reservation. As we know, they have applied to take the Daisy Parcel in trust but it is still owned in fee by the JIV and is not a reservation or Indian land eligible for gaming under IGRA! They may feel compelled to take the position that it is already part of the reservation because the casino’s grand entrance, elevated driveway, casino propane tank and retention pond are already built on the Daisy Parcel!?! If the Daisy Parcel is not part of the reservation, then these casino support facilities are a public nuisance and should be abated under California law - even if we assume that the Daley Parcel is a reservation (and it is not)!!!

All to tell you that this fight is far from over!!! Even Penn National recognizes the fact that no decisions have been made by the court to date!!!

I wish I had more to share with you, yet waiting on the courts where we hope our voices will be heard is often challenging. Patience is not my long suit. Please if you are able to contribute to our on-going expense of this arduous legal battle, do so NOW!!!

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