Jamul Action Committee
Jamul Action Committee Jamul Action Committee

Message from JAC President Glenn Revell

October 2, 2014

Glenn Revell
President, JAC

To the hundreds that attended the community meeting last night, thank you, you are greatly appreciated!!! I trust those in attendance learned we are confident we will win in the courts!

We also raised needed money to keep our attorneys in the fight. Thanks very much and please know that every donation counts!!!

Since the auditorium was not overflowing some of our friends and neighbors may have wrongly concluded the fight is lost. Those who were there learned THAT SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE!!!

Any feeling that we aren’t winning - while understandable - is totally inaccurate.

The notion that this fight is over must not prevail over the truth.

The money hungry developer from the east has no right, no authorization and no permit to dig that hole!

Please consider opening your home to your neighbors and inviting us to tell them “the rest of the story.” Whether you gather 3 or 30, JAC is committed to small neighborhood meetings to spread the truth about how illegal this project really is.

I am asking everyone who receives this alert to tell at least 3 friends we are poised to halt this proposed casino in the courts.

Ask those friends to share their contact information so that we may send them information that is accurate and encouraging. If you will make that effort we will have a much more informed and energized community.

My goal is to do anything I can to help motivate you to work actively to help us stop the proposed casino.

While working to reach shared goals, I observed your daily actions and words impact more people than you realize! Today we share the common goal to stop the construction of a casino in our community. Our words and actions will motivate others to stay in the fight, learn the truth and win this fight once and for all!!!

If you have suggestions to improve future content of Community Meetings or how we might improve attendance please let me know.

Your support and the anticipated results make all of the challenges worthwhile.

You may correspond with me via jacjamul@gmail.com or directly at grevell51@gmail.com.

Please support JAC with your donation to our legal fund. Please send your donations to:
P.O. Box 1317
Jamul, CA 91935

You may also use Paypal to send a secure donation: