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Welcome to the Jamul Action Committee

Glenn Revell
President, JAC

President’s Message - As the President of JAC, I welcome you to our site! A handful of local visionaries started this organization in 1988 and we’ve enjoyed dynamic leadership for many years.

In my last message I asked you to please get involved by giving, advocating or volunteering. I also said “Together, we can accomplish more than any one of us could alone.” On June 22nd as we prepared to update you on the legal challenges to the proposed casino project I was concerned that many of you might have given in to discouragement. I could not have been more mistaken!

Close to 350 of you showed up to hear our message and respond by encouraging the JAC board to continue to fight on.

It is deeply humbling to know how much this community cares about each other and how important our quality of life remains.

Your JAC board is committed to this fight and is dedicated to victory over greed!

There is a great deal of strength and power in unselfishly helping others and we appreciate your help!!!

Legal Update - June 22, 2015

Tonight I want to talk about FAITH in the law. Many of you know me, as Walter and Karen’s lawyer. I’ve been their lawyer since 1994. For those new to the neighborhood, Walter Rosales and Karen Toggery are Native American neighbors, who were kicked out of their homes and their families’ remains dug up and dumped on CalTrans construction site last year, because they opposed this construction.

Tonight I want to update you on our lawsuits, and talk about why we still have FAITH in the law to stop any casino in Jamul.

We still have never lost on the merits in any court. We now have 5 pending lawsuits, and I have 4 news bulletins to talk about tonight.

So where are we?

As Sir Winston Churchill said on November 10, 1942, after 3 long years of steady German advances, at the first hint of Montgomery’s victory over Rommel: “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Read more »

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