Jamul Action Committee

Welcome to the Jamul Action Committee

Glenn Revell
President, JAC

President’s Message - As the President of JAC, I welcome you to our site! A handful of local visionaries started this organization in 1988 and we’ve enjoyed dynamic leadership for many years.

Our reputation for adapting to the needs of the community we serve is well known. I believe we can provide much positive education and benefit for our community while responsibly objecting to those things we believe are detrimental to our community’s well being.

I believe we can and should support those things that serve to enhance our lives and the lives of those who share this community’s values.

Our efforts should enhance the experiences of all who live, work and recreate in Jamul. I am certain we can find solutions and fund interventions when necessary. My goal is to have us identify the challenges before us and alter what we can long before they become critical issues.

Jamul is a caring and diverse community with many people dedicated to improving our quality of life. There is a great deal of strength and power in unselfishly helping others.

Please get be involved by giving, advocating or volunteering. I hope you’ll be inspired to make a donation of time, money or both to support the important efforts underway.

Together, we can accomplish more than any one of us could alone. Please support our efforts!

Hearing Update November 18, 2016

On behalf of your JAC board, thank you very much for the show of support during the recent 2-day ABC hearing. We know that attending this proceeding posed a challenge to many of you. Your presence and support is greatly appreciated. Our collective presence at such proceedings no doubt has an influence on the hearing officer. YOU MATTER!!!

After two challenging days, we believe the hearing officer, Judge Lewis, appears to be a man of integrity and concern for hearing all the issues.

He listened to our concerns, including potential impacts of serving alcohol, and the increased risk to motorists and a host of additional information under consideration. The pivotal argument came with Patrick Webb’s (representing himself, his wife Debra and a number of his neighbors) argument that Jamul Village Development and San Diego Ventures LLC do not qualify for an ABC license because the land does not qualify under the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Commission as a reservation or a tribe under the Carcieri decision.

The applicant’s attorney and the attorneys for the ABC requested a continuation of the hearing. Judge Lewis has continued the hearing likely into January of 2017.

We will let you know the date as soon as we know. Meanwhile the status of the “interim-operating permit” remains unchanged for now.

Thanks to all the witnesses who testified! Every one of you did a fine job of representing the community’s concerns. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!